Lego 60004 - Fire Station

  • Set: Lego 60004
  • Theme: City
  • Year: 2013
  • Parts: 750
  • Price*: HK$ 408.17 - HK$ 1034.04
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Fire Station, Lego 60004, OtterBricks, City, Pontypridd
Flag GB Seller: OtterBricks
100% Brick and Minifigure complete, with instructions, no box. 1 base plate has a stress mark across it. Does not affect construction. See photos.
S/H: Shipping to UK - 2nd Class £5.50, 1st Class £6.50 International Postage from £13.50 (location...
HK$ 408.17*
Fire Station, Lego 60004, Christos Varosis, City, Serres
Flag GR Seller: Christos Varosis
The Condition of this Lego Set is Brand New. The product will be Ship ONLY with Secured Priority Mail. Delivers only into the European Union...
S/H: Buyers pay 35 euro for shipping.
HK$ 1034.04*