Lego 60021 - Cargo Heliplane

  • Set: Lego 60021
  • Theme: City
  • Year: 2013
  • Parts: 388
  • Price*: HK$ 231.01 - HK$ 596.27
2 offers online:
Lego City Airport Cargo 60021, Lego 60021, Mark Deege, City, Hamburg
Flag DE Seller: Mark Deege
The carton is not available. 379 parts. Shipment as small parcel or parcel is possible at assumption of costs. Pick up in Hamburg possible...
HK$ 231.01*
Lego 60021 Cargo Heliplane, Lego 60021, Brickworldqc, City
Flag CA Seller: Brickworldqc
Call in the giant Cargo Heliplane to transport the logs to LEGO City. First, unload the tough quad bike from the plane. Drive it into the forest...
HK$ 596.27*